Cayman Brac Information

The Cayman Islands are located 480 miles south of Miami, FL.  Cayman Brac lies 89 miles east-northeast of  Grand Cayman.   Little Cayman lies  5 miles to the  west of  Cayman Brac  ~ a short boat ride or flight away.
Visited by Columbus in 1503, the Brac (which is Gaelic for bluff) was named for the bluff  running down the centre of the island, rising from sea level  at the west end to a height of 140 feet at the island's east end.  The island is 12 miles long by 1 mile wide.

Pirates frequented the island, attracted by its safe anchorages and fresh water.  Numerous caves dot the bluff walls, which also made it an ideal vault for secreting their booty.  Rumours of hidden treasure still lost from the days of Blackbeard abound.
With less than 2,000 permanent residents Cayman Brac  offers visitors a relaxed, tranquil atmosphere  in which to enjoy the Brac's fabulous walls and reefs , white-sand beaches and spectacular scenery.

Located at 10 north latitude the Cayman Islands have a temperate climate.  Temperatures average  in the low to mid 80's from May through  August and in the mid-70's during the September through April period. 




Entrance to Peter's Cave

Caymanian  House



A Cayman Sunset

View from the beach